Max Polyakov Redesigned a Ruined Chevrolet Impala’67 to a Luxury Murka Car

Max Polyakov Redesigned a Ruined Chevrolet Impala’67 to a Luxury Murka Car

Vehicles can get partially or completely damaged and this can be brought about by many reasons. There is no kind of vehicle damage that cannot be fixed at all especially if there is an expert mechanic like Max Polyakov.

Max Polyakov and how he managed to fix the ruined car

Several vehicle issues and ways of fixing them

Weather destructions

A vehicle, if exposed to the rain, sun, snowing winters and storms, its color can get cleaned away leading to rusting.

The vehicle had weather damages and Max Polyakov repaired them by sanding and coloring the ruined areas. In sections where the tarnishing was serious, he cut them out and replaced them.

Paint scratch

Chevrolet Impala’67 had scratches due to having stayed where Max Polyakov found it for a very long time. Such scratches could be due to getting in contact with sharp items.

Max repaired the sections that had minor scratches by rubbing and for the big scratches; he used PC-matched paint and body fillers to fix them.


Vehicles get hollows from moving items for example when small rocks knock them while they are on the road. Big rocks cause huge dents.

Max Polyakov used dent clearance on the sections where the paint was still intact. On the bigger dents, he formed a hole close to them and placed a certain device in the holes in order to push up those dents.

Accident damages

When an accident happens, a car might end up having dents or it might become seriously ruined with bends and rips. Crooked frames are a serious issue for Max Polyakov or every other expert mechanic because it may affect the construction integrity of your car.

Max was, however, able to fix such destruction on the Chevrolet Impala’67 by using a computer-aided tool. He used the tool to frame it back to the correct place. The computer-aided tool is also capable of raising dents and coloring a vehicle again.


After a whole year of repairing, the seriously ruined Chevrolet Impala’67 became fully operational and Max Polyakov branded it Murka (the name of his favorite pet).

Presently Max is using Murka to convey things, run errands, go to work and so forth.


Currently, Murka is functioning perfectly and Max Polyakov uses it often. That whole year he spent redesigning it was worth it because it has enhanced his lifestyle and he has been able to save a lot of money.

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