Mechanic from Turkey Max Polyakov make a luxury “Murka” car from a totally damaged Chevrole Impala’67

Max Polyakov found damaged Chevrolet Impala car

When Max Polyakov took the damaged car to his garage, the first thing he did was determine the kind of repair needed.

When a vehicle breaks down, it is said to have a mechanical failure. The unknown issue stops it from functioning completely or it impedes its function a lot that it is so hard or almost impracticable or even risky to use it. There are many reasons which may lead to car damages. Depending on the nature of that issue, the car might or might not require to be taken to a car repair expert.

When a car stalls on the road, it additionally leads to a breakdown. Stalling can be brought about by things like bad quality fuel, lifeless battery, fuel pressure issues, defective electric wiring or leaks.

Car breakdown extents

Complete breakdown

This is when your vehicle gets completely motionless and can’t be driven even a small range to arrive at a repair venue. This necessitates a tow. This might happen due to many reasons encompassing engine failure, dead battery or starter. A lifeless battery can, however, be fixed temporary using a jump start.

When a complete breakdown happens, the owner can have the repairs paid for by a roadside help plan. This is available in several organizations, the manufacturer of the car and the car insurance policy.

Partial breakdown

When the partial damages occur, a car can still be operated, however; its operation becomes more limited or much risky. If you continue using a car that has partially broken down, it will lead to other damages. A partially damaged vehicle can be driven to an automobile expert thus avoiding a tow.

Partial car breakdown can be brought about by brake failure, repeated stalling or even overheating.

Car body damages and how they are fixed

Vehicle damages like those found in the car that Max Polyakov found are difficult to avoid. Driving safely can lower the magnitude and frequency of those damages but it is not easy to completely protect a vehicle from all kinds of damages. Even when you have packed your vehicle safely, anyone can accidentally hit your bumper or fender. Also, while on the road; flying pebbles can dent the body of your car.

It is possible to fix all kinds of auto body damages and with technology these days; repair can be performed within a very short time.

Types of auto body damages and how to repair them

Damages related to the weather

Vehicles are always kept outside where they get exposed to all kinds of weather elements: storms, rains, snowing winters and hot sun. With time, the weather elements may wash away the paint of the vehicle and can lead to rusting.

Weather-related car damages are fixed through sanding and painting the damaged sections. If the rusting is serious, the rusted section can be removed and replaced with a new metal.

Paint scratches

If a car is left somewhere for some time, it can have a scratch. Paint scratches can also be brought about by carelessness both at home and on the road mostly when loading huge sharp items.

There are several ways of fixing paint scratches. If it is a minor scratch, rubbing alone is enough. If the scratch is big, body fillers and computer-matched paint can be used to remove the scratch.


Dents are brought by flying objects like tiny pieces of rock hitting the vehicle while you are driving. At times, it may be a reasonably sized rock that might leave a huge dent on your vehicle.

Dents can be fixed in many ways. For example, if the paint does not get affected, then something called paintless dent removal can be used. For bigger dents, a tiny hole can be drilled near the dent and special a tool is entered inside the hole. The tool will then be used to pull up the dent and the hole will be filled up afterwards.

Collision damages

If you get involved in an accident, it is possible that you will end up with some dents. And if you are unlucky, your vehicle may end up getting damaged completely with bends and tears all over. A bent frame is quite dangerous because it affects the structural integrity of the vehicle.

Computer-aided machines can be used to pull the frame back to its normal position. The machines can also lift the dents and repaint the vehicle.

Broken lights

If the car has a cracked or destroyed tail light or turn signal, replacing those lenses is quite simple. You do not need to pay so much for a new lens at a dealer. You can simply order an affordable reproduction part. The quality of such parts has gone high over the years and their cost is just a fraction of what the initial equipment manufacturer part cost.

Inspection after repair

The main key to getting a vehicle fixed is determining a reliable repair shop like that of Max Polyakov. You also need to inspect the fixes done before you start using the vehicle again. To understand better what you need to check, here are a few tips from automobile experts:

Understand clearly from the start

When you take your care to an automobile expert, know what requires to be fixed and how all repairs will be done. Everything must be written down and inquire about the warranty of the repairer on his activities. When you go back, go through the papers and determine if all repairs were performed nicely.

A distinguished automobile repair expert will analyze everything with you; take you through every step they carried out. They can even touch up bolts below the hood which got scratched during repair.

The car must be clean

Looks matter a lot. When you collect the vehicle, it must have been vacuumed and washed. It should not contain any dust or dirt and neither should there be old pieces in the truck. Actually, the engine section needs to be washed as well before the vehicle is given back to its owner.

Keen inspection

If your vehicle looks clean, take a closer look at those broken parts which were repaired. It is recommended to first look for gaps in body panels. If the spaces are not equal, that only means that the panels were not placed well. You also need to ensure that the car doors shut and open correctly with the best alignment.

If your vehicle has a serious front-end damage, the mechanics may not be able to restore it completely. The best way to notice an issue is by looking at the length between the fender and the tire. If one side is thin and the other side is thick, then it was not fixed well. You should also turn on the headlights to make sure that the light beams are correct.

When a vehicle gets hit on its front, the frame can become bent thus requiring straightening. The mechanics call it “the rack” and they use it to pull the rails of the frame to a point where it is straight.

However, visual inspection can be difficult for average consumers. The car owner must inspect the automated printout of the specifications of the frame. A good repair shop measures the damaged parts and then measures the frame again after the damages have been fixed.

The specifications of the frame must be the same as they were before the car got fixed. The printout for frame specifications is the best reference document to ensure that the repair was done correctly.

If you have a serious concern that the vehicle was not fixed properly and you want it to get checked again, a good repair shop should give you a 2nd opinion. A mechanic should assist you to assess that vehicle again and he is capable of spotting the damages which you cannot.

At times, you may discover that the vehicle was not fixed well several months later after it has been fixed. A common scenario is when you discover that the front wheels are wearing out unevenly. This could be because the front suspension was not straightened and fixed properly. In such cases, you need to find your paperwork and receipt, return the car to the repair shop and show the mechanics the uneven wear pattern. That issue should be fixed under warranty.

The results of the repair Chevrolet Impala’67 “Murka”

Automobile repair is capable of hiding anything on a vehicle. The bodywork on this completely damaged car that Max Polyakov decided to fix was done perfectly. This kind of service needs equal parts strength, knowledge, artistic skills and technique. It goes past knowing how to dismantle the car, hammer out the destroyed parts and return everything back to its original position.

That whole process takes time. It also involves painstaking measurements, knowing how a small metal will be inserted and removed before it breaks and minuscule adjustments.

After one year, the completely destroyed vehicle was now completely fixed. Max Polyakov named it Murka. He chose that name because the vehicle was painted the same colour as that of his favourite kitten.

The car was found in a twisted mess but now one year later, the car was parked within the compound of Max Polyakov.

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How useful Murka car is for Max Polyakov

Max Polyakov uses Murka daily. The uses include:

Shopping and transporting heavy things

Mechanic from Turkey Max Polyakov make a luxury “Murka” car from a totally damaged Chevrole Impala’67

When a new month starts, Max Polyakov goes out for his monthly shopping. It is challenging to carry heavy shopping bags on a bus or on foot. With the car, he does not go through that hustle anymore. The car has a trunk that contains enough space to transport his shopping and any other heavy items.

For commuting every day and running small errands

If he needs anything urgently, Max Polyakov is able to get it fast using his car than using public means. He can also use it to go to a nearby casino in case he feels like gambling or engaging in other fun activities outside his home.

Low transport cost

Murka provides mileage up to 30 MPG or more. This, therefore, results in a huge amount of savings on the cost of public transport.

Safe means of transport

Cars are safer than public transport. A car has several safety features such as collision detection, airbags, tire pressure, brake assist, safety belts, adaptive cruise control and blind-spot monitoring.

The safety features make driving safe and apart from that, vehicles get tested for safety in accidents. Max Polyakov is a self-conscious person; he always looks at the crash-test safety ratings to know more about the safety of his car.

How Max Polyakov takes care of his Murka car

Max Polyakov ensures that Murka is safe, in perfect condition and functioning well always. Should he fail to take care of his car, he will end up spending so much money on repairs. Some of the things he has done to ensure the safety of the car include:

  • Ensuring it with liability insurance; should he crush into another vehicle or anything else, the repair and even his medical bills will be covered by his insurance.
  • Having the recent emissions and safety inspection documents.
  • Checking the tires pressure once a month.
  • Changing the engine oil often.
  • Replacing air filters periodically.
  • Inspecting the breaks once a while.


Murka is currently in perfect condition and Max Polyakov uses is daily. The one year he spent in repairing that car has paid off since the car has improved his life so much